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06-11-12, 01:20 PM

If you‚??ve only got 15 minutes to wow a crowd, it stands to reason that you‚??d unload your biggest guns until even the most ardent doubters would have no choice but to fly a white flag with your face on it. Elder Scrolls Online (http://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en/)‚??s E3 presentation, then, was worrisome. The action-based combat looked hollow and unconvincing, and we spent the bulk of our time watching a perplexingly un-Elder-Scrolls-like quest chain involving ghosts, time travel, and ‚??collect X amount of Y item‚?? prompts unfold. Meanwhile, the potentially unique three-way factional PvP battles got a chaotic 45-second flyby video that looked like what‚??d happen if an upturned anthill learned magic.

But then, let‚??s face it: even at their best, MMOs don‚??t demo well. That in mind, I attempted to get a clearer picture from creative director Paul Sage. So then, what exactly sets TESO apart from a legion of increasingly same-y looking online worlds? Can we mix and match classes as we see fit? Can we slaughter random NPCs? Does TESO stand a chance in a hostile MMO landscape that‚??s even chewed up SWTOR? And, most importantly, will there be books? It‚??s all after the break.

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