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06-14-12, 03:50 AM
Dave is going into how cloud gaming is the next big advancement in media. He says that retail is a little resistant, but even GameStop is coming around. To him, retail = boxes and digital = files. Files are a hassle, he says, as he has to store them and back them up. Now it's about "virtual data" where the user doesn't need to store anything.

He sees free to play as a big shift. He saw it in Asia and now it's spreading here to the west.

As for web gaming, Farmville isn't for everyone. Some people want to play BF3. Also, interesting factoid, 1 in 10 social gamers end up in real life relationships from the game. No, NOT Farmville, but rather MMO games. WoW weddings, anyone?

They asked gamers what they use to determine whether or not to buy a game. By a large margin gamers want to try the demo. In second place are reviews, but nothing beats the first hand experience.

Dave demos what gamers have to go through to just get started on a trial for World of Warcraft. He's definitely getting laughs from the audience of how many hoops one has to jump through to just try something. According to him, nearly a third of people just skip the whole process once they see they have to fill things out.

Gaikai had to build its own server network. Over 1000 PC games launched last year, but finding the right one is hard. Gamers want to try a game right away. A demo video of Crysis 2 streaming over the cloud. Now ANYTHING can play Crysis. He calls this... uh, some really long term. See photo:

Dave references Netflix and Hulu and wonders why it has to be that hard to get something the same for video games. Now Gaikai is in Walmart and YouTube, and of course publisher sites. If you remember from E3, Gaikai is in LG TVs. And last week they added Samsung. This could be important when the new consoles launch next year (according to David) and people have to buy new hardware. Will they skip that and go to the cloud?

As you PC gamers know, developers going for the lowest common denominator means games that don't take advantage of your high-end GPUs. Dave thinks that with the cloud, developers can scale up to the max spec and people can just stream that to their puny machines.

Look, Call of Duty on an HTC One X.

Dave's done. That's 100 slides in 30 minutes! Time for a bit of Q&A...

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