View Full Version : How can i use twinview with my GF3?

09-21-03, 12:20 PM
I have an ASUS V8200 Deluxe (GeForce 3), running on WinXP with the 45.23 ASUS Official drivers, now, can anyone tell me how can I use TwinView, so that I could see the display on the monitor and the tv as the same time?

I know that its possible with the V8200, a friend of mine has the same card, connected also using composite yellow video cable, but he's running Linux and using an app called nvtv, unavailible for windows.

Can anyone help me here?

Thanks a lot beforehand :)

09-21-03, 04:45 PM
Unfortunately, no GeForce3 supported TwinView. Multiple display support was introduced with GeForce2 as TwinView, disappeared with GF3, and re-appeared with GeForce4 as nView.

09-21-03, 04:59 PM
maybe, but my friend did manage to use twin view in his linux with his ASUS V8200 geforce 3....

09-21-03, 06:04 PM
I'm fascinated. Did your friend get the same image showing in two displays, or did your friend get two different images in two separate displays?

Displaying different images (e.g. different desktops) requires multiple DACs. GPUs using only one DAC can display only one image. While the GF3 chip does contain two DACs, to my knowledge no manufacturer implemented both DACs in the GF3, only in the GF2 & 4.

It may be that the linux driver used separate DACs in a GF3, but the Windows drivers don't. In this case you're screwed. :(

09-21-03, 07:55 PM
I think he wants to use TV Out. Most later GeForce3 revisions supported TV Out. To get it to work properly, you need TV Tool (http://tvtool.info/index_e.htm). It works a lot better than the driver control panel.

09-22-03, 04:05 AM
I tried TVTool, didn't help... and yeah my friend got two images of the same display on the tv and on the monitor, maybe those linux drivers are hacked somehow, dunno... but I did see it work, no doubt.