View Full Version : FX 5600 Ultra graphic problem HELP [pictures]

09-21-03, 03:49 PM
What the hell is this??

my comp: AMD 2700+, 300W, 512 (2700), Epox 8RDA+ (nForce2), Audigy2, WD 80GB, Conners 30GB, CDR, DVD,




I tried all i could rember (drivers, BIOS - mobo, dx9, dx8) i took it to servis, and they said - test OK! :eek: ye good for you ('r company)

these sqares are flickerin really fast, they appear at certain "angles"

OH, and BTW, if i turn off Z-buffer they dissapear :confused:
but IQ and performace drops :(

ARGH nivida!!

09-21-03, 04:36 PM
Looks like bad RAMs on your video card. :( This is consistent with stationary flickering pixels in my experience. Turning off extra eye candy or reducing resolution reduces the memory requirements, so the likelyhood of a bad address is reduced, and a better image occurs.

If you have the purchase paperwork, I suggest you attempt an exchange/RMA.

09-21-03, 05:23 PM
The definitely looks like some bad RAM. Do as suggested and lower your resolution, and also try to lower the memory clock speed and see if it doesn't go away. Other than that you should check to see if you can RMA the card either back to your reseller or if it's beyond their return policy, the card manufacturer.

09-21-03, 05:39 PM
Yes, I knew it might be VRAM, but those assholes on servis said (actually they mailed me ) i repeat: Come and get your card, we ran a test - OK!

I mean they are such idiots, they even put an exclamasion mark at the end. OMG... :eek: I have told them when I took it there: guys theres not much u can do about it, its not like a small cable is disconnected or theres like a switch i forgot to turn on... maybe u should replace it /w a new one (3 weeks old - 12 months guarantee..) just to see if the problem persists....But nooooo, they had to make som stupid test.

Anyway I did like u told me (I did it even before I took it to the servis), I DEclocked it (lowered mem and GPU speed), and it worked.... what a surprise, it obvious a hardware issue.

Thanx again for help...

P.S. when i bought it, they installed it and forgot to plug the power cable, I had to turn the city round to find Y cable to get aditional supply cabel for my card. :o

09-21-03, 05:41 PM
my fx 5800 did the same thing to me its the drivers for your vid card no big deal:cool: :D

09-21-03, 06:32 PM
I would really really like to know which drivers should i use.

I tried vers: 44.03 <-------> 45.23, also 3rd party (omega... etc), i havent tried those 5x.+++x+x. yet cos theyr beta or something i really dont care..

and there wasnt' A SLIGHT change, not at all, belive me, im not some noob guy who just got his first computer, I can usually "recognise" if its a driver problem.

and read my previous posts :rolleyes: (bout gpu speed and zbuff)

P.S. I get the same "anomalies" in warcraft 3, but to a somewhat lesser extend, :mad: