View Full Version : Full HD Autosterescopic 3D Displays are Coming Soonâ?¦ Probably

06-15-12, 12:30 AM
Neil Schneider from MTBS3D has managed to do an interesting video interview with a company called PolarScreens during Display Week 2012, a company that is in the development of a Full HD resolution autostereoscopic 3D display. In the interview you the president of the company Jean-Etienne Gaudreau explains a bit more about the product and the prototype they were displaying. Definitely a promising product that we may be seeing on the market as early as next year and if you are a bit skeptical, because you might not have herd the name of that company, then donâ??t be. Actually PolarScreens is responsible for the development of the technology behind iZ3Dâ??s 3D displays, so they are not going to be making the displays, but they will license the technology to a company willing to produce them and sell them to the consumers. These upcoming Full HD resolution glasses-free displays will apparently use 120Hz panels and will also feature head tracking, but single user only similar to other autosterescopis solutions already available intended for single user at a time. Still this technology definitely looks promising, so a thing to keep an eye at in the upcoming months.

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