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druga runda
09-22-03, 10:38 AM

bought it on Ebuyer, for little above 100

it made me a happy as I had only 1 gb left on the 80 GB HDD...

the first night which was Saturday... I transferred ~ 40GB worth of films and other DL stuff on it... as I was too lazy to spend a day burning onto CD's



the HDD crapped out on me :o :cry:

The TICK OF DEATH, or is it ticking... aaaahhhhh
(now I know how that sounds too :lol: :rw: )
and all the 40 GB that I transferred is GONE... I think I will try copy instead of cut when I transger lot of data next time around on new or actually (any) hard disks... and my 80 GB WD HDD is half empty now... which is not too bad :) , but all the stuff is GONE... AAAAH

now transferring all the data just like that was risky but I haven't heard about those drives being unreliable and unluckily I stepped on the bad one...

Here we go now I will find out how good is Ebuyer RMA system... and I have not heard great things about it so far :scarey:

doh... just to share the dissapointment with someone... I asked for a refund and will probably go with a 120 gb seagate HDD now (about 30 sheaper as well) but I am in no hurry it will take some time to fill in those "now empty" 40 gb... I guess it could have been worse - if the thing died in a year time just as warranty run out with 80 gb+ of data on in :bleh:

09-22-03, 11:15 AM
I have a 120gb Maxtor and its a great drive, i think its one of the fastest on the market for IDE's. Dont give up on them yet, give it another go you wont regret it :)

druga runda
09-22-03, 03:45 PM
I am just thinking that this may be a bad batch so I don't want to risk it... I have almost 2 yo 40 gb maxtor in another PC and it is great... soo... I guess just bad luck... 40 gb in 30 minutes gone... auch... but it could have been much worse I admit to that ;)

09-22-03, 03:48 PM
is there no hope of you getting back your own info? using hard drive recovery on the other drive?

druga runda
09-22-03, 04:25 PM
Originally posted by Head_slinger
is there no hope of you getting back your own info? using hard drive recovery on the other drive?

Mah it's positivley dead... the bios wont recognise it even, it tries to read the sucker for a minute and than concludes that there is nothing on tehre... and the HDD ticks really loud I am pretty certain that there is no way back for this one :(

anyway Ebuyer have already responded with the RMA number so that is good will be sending it back tomorrow.