View Full Version : Tomb Raider: Crossroads gameplay trailer

06-22-12, 10:13 PM

Wow it looked awesome, pity I had to wait until 2013 to play it. :(

06-22-12, 11:40 PM
Looks good.

06-24-12, 04:26 PM
The last Tomb Raider I played was "Underworld". :) This looks to be interesting...

06-24-12, 08:54 PM
looks nice but I really hope it's not too much like uncharted where it's just a playable movie *run here cue big thing falling and player hanging on by a finger. Now find the single path you can take before the thing falls down the cliff, which doesn't actually happen in any sort of time frame, it just falls as you make the jump to look cinematic.

Waaaay too scripted for me.