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06-23-12, 03:08 PM
I'm surprised I have not read much about this game on here (on the forums anyway, I have seen news posts)! Who all is playing this game?

I have been playing it on and off for about a month now and after all of the updates it has become quite a blast to play. I generally get on ventrilo and join up with some friends on public servers that got me involved in this game. I had not played an online game in ages! :p If you're working as a team on a public server you become pretty much unstoppable. For a free game I am really enjoying it. Its no Tribes 2 but is still fun. :D Add on top of that Nvidia Inspector to force AA and the game acutally looks pretty good graphically too.

06-23-12, 05:50 PM
I played it for a month pretty strongly when the open beta came out, haven't been back to it for a while though. I like the game and it seems they did a great job with the franchise. The F2P aspect that kinda gets to me is that it seems like I'll never be able to unlock everything because the game just keeps adding a whole heap of new stuff. In many situations that's a good thing but the business model demands that they stay ahead of gamers unlocks. I know the unlocks aren't better always and I certainly don't need them all, it just feels never ending. Certainly not going to pay $200 to get it all either. Paid $30, got my 80+hrs worth, might come back later if I get bored.

06-24-12, 07:59 AM
Love the game!!! ;)
A sort of Tribes 2 sequel with SHAZOT included! :D

06-24-12, 09:10 PM
I tired playing it with my phone's internet connection. Didn't go so well. :(

06-25-12, 02:24 PM
I've been playing the hell out of it. Haven't played in a month though. It is a great game.