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Spartan 117
06-24-12, 11:09 AM
Hey everyone, I just recently upgraded my rig to the specs in my sig. My question is, will my PSU handle a spare GTX 560 Ti as a PhysX card? The PSU has the PCI-E cables needed to run the card along with my SLI GTX 670's. Is a Cougar GX V.2 1050W Gold certified enough for this? I'm a little hesitant before I pull the trigger and install the 560 Ti. Anyone here with a similar build to mine?

06-24-12, 09:36 PM
I also have a question do you really see any benifits from a seperate PhysX card when you are running two GTX-670's in SLI .I was thinkin about putting my GTX-470 as just the physx card,but doesit really make that much difference.

Spartan 117
06-24-12, 09:49 PM
Well, since it's just sitting around from my previous build, I said why not. If you think it's not worth it, then I may consider selling it. I'm still debating with myself as I want Metro 2033 to run as smooth as possible @1080p with all settings cranked to max with all the bells and whistles turned on. I figured that if SLI GTX 680's are getting around 60 fps, then that would mean that I would have an average of around 50-55 fps unless OC is taken into account. I just want the smoothest gameplay possible and too future proof for a while too. I figured that with my spare GTX 560 Ti running as a PhysX card, it would give the SLI 670's more headroom for a smoother gameplay. Do you think it's worth it? My PSU can handle it too, I just tested it with a few benchmark programs such as Unigine Heaven, 3Dmark 11 and such. I will run a few more stress test and see how the PSU handles everything before I decide what to do with the spare card. I see you have a similar build to mine, nice :)

06-25-12, 02:26 PM
The GTX-560Ti is perfect to go along with the two GTX-670 for PhysX .A 9800Gt used to be good enough but it is to slow now .But it really depends on how many games you are playing that can take advantage of a dedicated PhysX card like batman will show a increase and in some games that don't use it you may see a decrease.Plus you got to take in consideration the space it is going to take up and the extra power it will need when you are useing it.I had three GTX-470's running in TRI-SLI and these two AsUS Direct CU II GTX-670's runs circles around them three and they were overclocked to 800/1800 and these are just running default.I took two of my GTX-470's and sold them on ebay.I ssold them for $145 a piece and $10 shipping.Yes your power supply will be able to handle all three

06-28-12, 06:29 PM
I used 450 for physx and 680 and there were nice gains in some games.
Here are a couple 680SLI + 560TI for physx benches I did.

11-09-12, 09:45 PM
The Cougar GX V.2 1050W Gold is plenty of power to haddle them three cards.But if you have the board and space to run all three ,the best way to see if it is worth it for you is to try it out.But you should see 10FPS to up t0 20FPS in some games that make use of PhysX.If my GTX-470 did'nt draw so much power and was quiet ,that is the biggest reason I don't want to use my GTX-470 because it is so loud.That would be the only yhing that would hold me back is how loud is it and if it is not loud then use it.