View Full Version : Cant Load Saved Game In Pirates Of The Carribean?

09-23-03, 06:59 AM
I can't believe it, Pirates Of The Carribean won't let me load my saved game? The Load option won't even light up!

First I though that I must have deleted my saved game by accident but then when I went into my C: Drive and looked in my Bethesda Softworks folder under saved there it was my saved game, so I tried opening it from there but it would not load the game up, so what am I supposed to do now start from the beggining of the game, or throw the game in the bin?

Can't believe this can be a bug in the game as it's a VERY big bug!

09-23-03, 07:30 AM
I heard there was a corrupted save game problem in PotC. Really man, I feel sorry for you if that is the case!

Where abouts are you in the game? I can send you one of my save games around that point if it would help http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/images/icons/icon14.gif