View Full Version : Spec Ops: The Line Launch Trailer Is Kind Of Problematic

06-26-12, 06:00 AM

And not just because it seems like a billion of these things have popped up in the past week or so, either. See, a recent developer diary (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/06/23/just-deserts-spec-ops-goes-behind-the-line/) about Spec Ops (http://www.specopstheline.com/)‚?? potentially uncomfortable marriage of meaty, blood-spattered fun¬*and the grim truths of war prompted me to wonder if the whole thing wasn‚??t like duct-taping a cat and dog together. And while Hollywood tells us that‚??d lead to a heartwarming adventure of self-discovery, reality isn‚??t generally so kind. So along comes Spec Ops‚?? launch trailer, and yeah, this reeeeally¬*doesn‚??t look like it‚??s trying to downplay the glamorous lifestyle of videogame life-ending. You know the drill: buildings, vehicles, and people get shredded into bloody confetti while caught in gooey bubbles of slow-mo. So now I‚??m confused.

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