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06-27-12, 08:30 AM

If ever today gets turned into a television special, it will be called A Very Zynga News Day. The social Godzilla with the real¬*social skills of an actual Godzilla went announcement mad during its Zynga Unleashed briefing ‚?? which sounds like it was named for a Godzilla movie. So, let‚??s see, blah blah blah Sims Social clone blah blah blah ChefVille for some reason blah blah blah‚?¶ oh! Here‚??s something: Zynga‚??s very own social network, called Zynga With Friends. Also they announced Farmville 2 (http://www.facebook.com/FarmVille2) or whatever.

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06-29-12, 04:07 AM
ChefVille (http://www.dotmmo.com/chefville-10676.html) is a flash social game on Facebook where players are able to create and mange their dream restaurant and kitchen. In the game, players role play as a chief chef and restaurant manger to design your ideal 4-star kitchen by crafting delicious recipes and entertaining their guests and friends.