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06-29-12, 07:20 AM
I‚??m a sucker for games that use my music to procedurally generate things. I could, for instance, go on about how great Audiosurf (http://www.audio-surf.com/) is for days, but that might be a better fit for my soon-to-be-launched video side project, Nathan Goes On About How Great Audiosurf Is For Days. Dot Biz. Symphony (http://www.symphonygame.com/), though, takes a similar philosophy and makes it march to the drum of old-school (read: non-bullet-hell) shmupery, spitting out all manner of different enemies that react and attack to your music‚??s beat. The short version? It looks like something I could lose hundreds of idle hours to. And the long version ‚?? well, minus a couple hundred hours or so ‚?? is after the break.

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