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06-29-12, 10:10 AM

The GameGrade3D user driver stereoscopic 3D game compatibility database has been apparently officially recognized by AMD as a source for independent and reliable information about game compatibility with different stereoscopic 3D solutions, including AMD‚??s HD3D technology as well as when using software from their middle-ware partners ‚?? iZ3D and TriDef 3D. Although nowadays AMD is only talking about TriDef 3D as the things with iZ3D are a bit uncertain, though still iZ3D is a working alternative. AMD has added a logo of GameGrade3D (http://3dvision-blog.com/goto/http://www.amd.com/US/PRODUCTS/TECHNOLOGIES/AMD-HD3D/Pages/3d-desktop-graphics.aspx) and links to the AMD category with user rating of how different games perform in stereoscopic 3D mode on AMD-based hardware. Hopefully AMD will not be the only one recognizing the GameGrade3D service and especially the user feedback about stereoscopic 3D compatibility in different games that it provides. I personally, and probably a lot of other stereo 3D gamers as well, will be very happy if game developers, among others, also use the feedback generated from users in order to improve their stereoscopic 3D support in games.

- To check out the GameGrade3D stereoscopic 3D game compatibility database‚?¶ (http://3dvision-blog.com/goto/http://www.gamegrade3d.com/)

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