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06-29-12, 05:10 PM

This is the most splendid of news. If you donā??t know Hero Academy (http://www.robotentertainment.com/games/heroacademy), itā??s a turn-based, two-player tactical game from the chaps behind Orcs Must Die (http://www.robotentertainment.com/games/orcsmustdie) and if you are now wondering why you havenā??t heard of it, itā??s because itā??s an iOS game. Except on August 8th itā??ll also be a PC game, as itā??s coming to Steam and allowing cross-platform play. Opponents are played asynchronously, so you take your turn, inform your opponent and wait for a response. This means you can play loads of games at the same time and with its chessy appeal, youā??ll probably want to. I shall welcome it to my PC with a smile and, oh look, Valve have provided an exclusive team. Trailer below.

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