View Full Version : Do ALL MAFIA's lag during night driving missions?

09-25-03, 03:34 AM
I have a Ti4600 and I think it should be able to handle the, recently turned 1 year old, Mafia without slowdown. It ONLY occurs during the night time driving missions. Perhaps it's due to the extra rendering for the lighting effects (headlights, streetlamps, reflections, etc.)

The rest of the game, along with Splinter Cell, Call of Duty demo, (new games, etc) -- all run extremely smooth and to my liking.

Maybe it's a programming error?

Anyone else agree? Disagree?

Classic game by the way.

09-25-03, 05:32 AM
There's a patch (don't have the link, sorry) supposed to speed up the whole game a little. Check the developer's homepage. Anyway, Mafia is known to run rather slowly in general. It wasn't that smooth on my 4200 either (never tried it on the FX, actually).


09-28-03, 02:57 PM
Looking at your system specifications Mfia should run like a dream. Check your AA/AF settings, also that D3D V-sync is off. I have found that DetonatorFX revision 45.xx are bad for GF4 preformance in D3D. Maybe try changing driver to version 43.51.