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07-07-12, 07:30 AM

It‚??s been more than a year (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2011/05/03/baith-snell-an-keen-of-orcs-and-men/#more-58476) since we last peeked into the Cyanide-and-Spiders-filled cauldron that‚??s cooking up Of Orcs And Men (http://www.oforcsandmen.com/index.php), and that‚??s a bit of a shame. If you ask me, it‚??s looking rather promising ‚?? though information on combat, skills, etc is unfortunately scarce at the moment. But, at the very least, the central concept ‚?? humans are dumb jerks and you, an orc, must battle back against their oppressive, racism-steeped regime ‚?? sounds like it could provide the ingredients for a very special dish: a fantasy RPG that‚??s actually unique. You‚??ll find two impressive-looking trailers beyond the break, after which you are cordially invited to join me in heel-clicking-centric merriment and light discussion. There will, however, be no refreshments, because humans are jerks who don‚??t deserve liquids.

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