View Full Version : Primal Carnage Shows Dinos Vs Flamethrower

07-11-12, 09:10 AM
For some reason, dinosaurs seem to be appearing more and more in my daily conversation. Perhaps the popularity of creatures that died millions of years ago is on the rise again, or perhaps itā??s some kind of omen. Only time will tell. Meanwhile, I must continue the dino-commentary, which today includes a man armed with some kind of chainsaw-flamer fighting carnivorous dinosaurs of various sizes. Thatā??s the reasoning behind multiplayer FPS Primal Carnage (http://www.primalcarnage.com/website/), of course: that fighting dinosaurs with ludicrous hybrids of modern weaponry will be the kind of thing that we want to do. Is that the kind of thing you want to do? Make some manner of kneejerk judgment, below!
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