View Full Version : MOHAA Breakthrough

09-26-03, 08:15 AM
who try this game here?
i just finish the first mission
very dark enviroment:p
any one want to share?

09-26-03, 08:57 AM
I still haven't made it through the original yet. The game crashes so randomly. It just pisses me off. I love the game, but come on.

09-26-03, 09:14 AM
Its an ok game, its basically like spearhead. I like it but I am not getting that same "happy wow" feeling I got from playing some missions from AA and SP so far. And the multiplayer levels really look good but some are way to big for team death matches amd they just dont equal the past ones. I just hate running a mile to go kill someone. I am still in tunnsia so I will do a update if my "happy wow" factor increases in single player and I still have to player multiplayer some more.:)

09-26-03, 09:26 AM
was wondering to buy breakthrough or JA... bought JA and enjoying it right now :)

09-26-03, 12:06 PM
If its as short as Spearhead was, theres no way I'm buying it.

I completed Spearhead in less than two hours. The opening level rocked, and the rest was just mediocre. But the length is what really annoyed me.

Anyone completed Breakthrough?

09-27-03, 07:27 PM
still at mission2:p
no time to play:P

Red Dog
09-28-03, 03:28 PM
Friendly ai thats dumb as a stick, wont kill even one enemy, and runs out into every firefight promptly dieing. whats worse, they run up behind you and block you from backing up, especially in doorways.

Enemy ai that you can pop 99% of the time before they even see you. pre-spawned enemies you can spot before their script even runs, often you can identify where they will be by spotting their rifles. You can kill them and and a replacement pops right back up until their script starts and then you can put them down for good.

a head shot will kill instantly, aside from that you pump 5 rounds into an enemy and they dont drop.

I wish quake engine games would die a quick death. Old, old, old. breakthroughs weapon and player skins lack detail.

EA is about sucking the money out of any title they can. Bf1942 rocked, the sequels were are dissapointment imo. MOH rocked, the sequels a dissapointment.

I love moh. I kept an open mind, I purhased breakthrough.

when I finished it I found myself being happy it was all over.

If you have to chose between this and cod the choice is obvious. The best I can give spearhead is an "ok".

oh well, back to America's Army.

A free game which kicks total butt and is very realistic.

If you havent downloaded AAO, I suggest you do. Its awesome.

The devs continualy recieve bits of code from epic to integrate, but I love it as it is. Soon version 2.0 will be released with special forces.