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07-14-12, 05:10 AM
Project CARS is something interesting in the form of a community supported car racing simulation game with the developer Slightly Mad Studios behind the project (the developer of Need For Speed SHIFT and SHIFT 2 Unleashed). The platform called World of Mass Development created by Slightly Mad Studios for Project Cars and maybe for future games as well in interesting with that it gives users the ability to take active part in the development of the project and not only to financially contribute for its development. So far the project has accumulated 2,762,455 Euro funding from the community and the gameā??s developer and it really promises to be something good, offering interesting an fun gameplay, realistic simulation and great graphics. On top of that as you can see from the stereo 3D video embedded above, it will apparently also work well in stereoscopic 3D mode and will look even better and more realistic when played like that (the embedded video is recorded from a current game Beta using 3D Vision). So feel free to share your thoughts about Project CARS as it will take some more time before the project is ready and the actual full game gets releasedā?¦ there is no official released date announced yet, but probably something like mid 2013.

- For more details about Project CARS and if you want to get involved in itā?¦ (http://3dvision-blog.com/goto/http://www.wmdportal.com/projects/cars/)

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