View Full Version : Can this damage my monitor?

09-15-02, 04:50 PM
Hey guys, I live out in the boon docks, and the power out here is horrid. I bought a Belkin 1200 VA universal UPS. It works quite well, and has a good backup time. However, recently the power has got even worse, and somtimes when my UPS takes over (happends 2-5 times daily) My monitor briefly flickers, almost like it was in a degauss cycle. The whole thing get's real wavy for about 1 second and then recovers. It dosent happen everytime, but it's been happening about once a day now. Im sure it's from the switch-over time to the UPS, there's a like 60 MS where there's no power. This monitor is pretty expensive, wondering if it could damage it, and if there was anything short of getting a ON-Line UPS that could help with it. ON-LINE, not Line-Interactive UPS, cost in the 1000's ! it's not really an option.


09-15-02, 05:57 PM
That kind of power fluctuation will surely tax the components in the monitor.....Whether that will noticeably shorten the life of the monitor is another story...Although it's definitely not great that it happens, you should be fine so long as you have the UPS hooked-up. The voltage spike when the power comes back is what would really kill the monitor, and the UPS takes the brunt of that hit...

09-15-02, 06:03 PM
There's nothing else you can do other than get the ON-line type UPS. The shortcoming of cheaper UPS systems is that they only kick on when the voltage dips, so you get those 60ms times where components have no power.