View Full Version : Tron 2.0 !!!!!

09-29-03, 12:13 PM
I bought it today

i have not finished yet of course RELAX :p

but these game is VERY GOOD IN EVERYTHING :)

It even has a upgrade system like System SHOCK and DEUS ex

Until now i am happy with it
but after a while it becomes a little annoying because of the not "so interesting" Scenario objectives and the little Complex gameplay :(

THe backround Graphics are not so Awesome :confused: as i expected but still quite decent giving the TRON the same look as was with the MOVIE :)

but the effects are great !!! and quite impresive :D

The GAME IS A MUST BUY and has a large <Single player>(not only 12 level as Unreal2 had) and a very good multiplayer (maybe after HALO and until Hl2-Doom3-Deus ex 2 comes)

What do you say about these game????

09-29-03, 03:49 PM
I had a lot of fun playing Tron 2.0. It fits well with the movie and is all around a fun shooter.

edit: As I've put in another post: The free game Armagetron is more fun as a multiplayer light cycle game though.