View Full Version : Prepare To Sigh (In Relief): Dark Souls‚?? High-Res Mod

08-25-12, 04:00 PM

I suppose, on some level, beggars can‚??t be choosers. We got our much-requested Dark Souls (http://www.preparetodie.com/) port, and early reports make it out to be quite the functional purveyor untimely, needlessly brutal death. So basically, exactly what we were all begging for. But ‚?? and I must briefly make sure there‚??s not a copy of the game in earshot; otherwise, it‚??ll totally kill me (no, really) for saying this ‚?? it‚??s not much of a looker. OK, scratch that: it‚??s a blurry, washed out mess. But wait, what‚??s that in the sky? Is it a bird? A plane? A‚?¶ oh, wait, it was a bird. Anyway, here‚??s a mod for Dark Souls.

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