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08-26-12, 06:30 PM
http://cdn.arstechnica.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/amirkhani-640x856.png Backpacking nomad or game journalist? In this case, a little of both!
Justin Amirkhani (http://gamerunplugged.com/?page_id=19)

Writing about games for a living is a great career, but the day-to-day reality of the job is not exactly what you'd call adventurous. Aside from the occasional faux-glamorous trade show or press demo, the job mainly consists of sitting and staring at a variety of screens displaying word processors, Twitter messages, e-mails, instant messages, and Skype chats. And occasionally a game or two, if you're lucky.

Then there's Justin Amirkhani. Over the last three months, his life writing about games and the people who make them has, by necessity, included taking a ride with a gun-toting John and his hooker (http://gamerunplugged.com/?p=566), running out on a bar bill alongside belligerent Toronto sports fans (http://gamerunplugged.com/?p=949), breaking up a brawl in a Tucson alleyway (http://gamerunplugged.com/?p=545), andĀ*enduring bus bathrooms coated with human excrement (http://gamerunplugged.com/?p=348). Not your typical game journalist experience, to say the least.

For nearly three months now, Amirkhani has been on a cross-country trek visiting dozens of North American game development studios both big and small and telling their stories on his blog, Gamer Unplugged (http://gamerunplugged.com). It's an idea that first came together when a colleague at a Sony preview eventĀ*told him about Greyhound's Discovery pass (http://www.discoverypass.com/), which lets a person travel as much as they want across Canada and the US for one flat monthly fee. Amirkhani said he started planning his grand trek before the event was even over, and beganĀ*taking online donations (http://gamerunplugged.com/?page_id=6) to fund the adventure two weeks later. Within a month, he had sold his apartment and most of his possessions, and was living on the road with a backpack full of just the essentials: clothes, a laptop, some portable game systems, chargers, and a wireless broadband connection.

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