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09-30-03, 05:06 AM
This is very puzzeling I think.
I have an Audigy2 that I use for most things I do, (music and games). But there is also this built in AC97 Realtek ALC650 6-channel sound Chip on my via kt400 mobo.

I have things set up (tv tool) so when I connect to the tv the Ac97 is used for sound, no fuzz with cables.

Now here is the weird part. In games (Ut2k3, Serious sam etc) The sound still works when they are set to hardware eax and it plays thro the Ac97. There is a huge difference in the sound when comparing it to normal Stereo or Direct sound 3d. So ... the question is could any sound card play thro eax when fully supported direct sound(3d) drivers are present ? ... or is this some weird feature of the sound chip. As far as I know only sound blaster and emu cards have Eax support.

Also, Id like some imput from Nforce2 users. Could you also select Hardware Eax on your setup and please could you describe if it sounds different from your normal settings ?

LoL, I thoght I knew alot aboht these things ...

09-30-03, 05:10 AM
As far aas I understand, other soundcards and onboard soundchips, do support EAX1 + 2. The difference is, only Creative cards process EAX in hardware, the others process it in software.

09-30-03, 07:18 AM
Aaah, so its some sort of a wrapper. Like the A3d support on the old Live cards ?

But a thing to note is that while the Ac97 chip was set to Eax it sounded really wieard. Gun shots (or sounds directly in front) could almost not be heard, but if the sound source was from the side it was ok. It reminded alot of "Fake 3d" sound with two speakers ... Kind of like those 3d sound on stereo sound cards ... (a3d).

Aah, this is not too important. I was just a bit stunned when I realized that the sound was set on Eax while I was playing Ut2k3 on my tv and it sounded odd...

10-03-03, 12:09 AM
Originally posted by EciDemon


If you want to use the EAX effects on non-SB serieses sound cards, you have to install the OpenAL first. Just same as OpenGL, but it's for Sounds.

Once you enabled the eax effects, your CPU will take all the works precessing sound related precesses that needs to be EAXed.

Basically, EAX adds effects to the sounds realtime, such as behind a wall or cave echos; they can be mixed up with original sound clips.