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08-27-12, 02:30 PM
The Fan Expo in Canada is now over and it is time to see some interesting coverage from it in 3D along with what gamers actually think about gaming in stereo 3D and especially playing Battlefield 3 in 3D. Neil Shneider from MTBS3D has some interesting interviews to share and the first one you can see embedded above with more to come in the next few days. The Battlefield 3 competition organized at the iGO3D booth, partly intended for research purposes, and of course to have some fun and give the ability to gamers to experience stereoscopic 3D gaming apparently was also a big success, and hopefully the results from the survey of gamers about their experiences playing the game in 3D would also be interesting. Now the interesting question is why we are not seeing more such researches being made at big events such as trade shows and conventions, giving people the ability to experience stereo 3D content and then providing a short survey where they can share their feedback. Such things can help a lot companies that are already providing some kind of stereoscopic 3D capable products or are interested in that segment, companies such as game developers, hardware manufacturers etc. can really benefit from that‚?¶

- You can check MTBS3D.com for more Fan Expo 2012 coverage in the next few days‚?¶ (http://www.mtbs3d.com/)

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