View Full Version : Raven Shield: "R36Weaponsgroup version mismatch"

09-30-03, 07:47 PM
Anyone been getting this error from their RVS game today?

I have the current patch for punkbuster that came out today, but i keep getting this error no matter what server i go into.

Anyone else getting this? Is this a bug, or am i missing something?
I'm at version 1.4123
with current punkbuster patch, and had a clean new install last weekend of the game, and played on it fine up until tonight. last night played for 3 hours on 4 different servers.

very frustrating.
is this my fault?

09-30-03, 10:25 PM
Nope not getting it but then again I didnt update pb. Also pb has activated another cheat checker, it now checks your guns, so if you have any gun skins or anything else that modifies your guns that might be it.

10-01-03, 05:05 AM
Maybe a but with the pb update you did? I would reinstall and only install the first pb patch, then let pb auto update once you connect to games. O and make sure you dont have any modified .dlls for rvs installed either :p

10-01-03, 07:48 AM
I just did a complete re install, but i just thought there was a new bug because the new patch was out today, and the game was playing fine two nights ago on punkbuster servers.

i don't modify any ini or dll files in my games.