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09-10-12, 07:20 PM
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Yesterday, we put out a call (http://arstechnica.com/apple/2012/09/what-the-next-iphone-should-look-like-share-your-thoughts/) asking you to tell us what you wanted to see the most in the next-generation iPhone. The response was huge: as of this writing, there are 235 comments and counting. Your responses ranged from the practical to the not-so-practical, and as usual, there was some lively debate about which features really matter to smartphone users.

Amid the disagreements, we were able to collect a solid list of iPhone feature requests from our loyal community. Some may show up during Apple's media event this Wednesday, while others may not arrive until next year (or ever, depending on the practicality). Still, here are the items that Ars readers report wanting to see the most in a future iteration of the iPhone. Apple, are you listening?

Home button: fix it or get rid of it

Complaints about the iPhone's home button were legion. Many users pointed out that their home buttons stopped working properly long ago, even on relatively new devices like the iPhone 4S. (This is a personal complaint of mine as well; forget trying to actually bring up the application switcher on the first, third, or even fifth try because the home button double tap doesn't work for me.)

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