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Red Dog
10-05-03, 04:13 PM
Hey everyone,

Ive been playing some America's Army 1.9 and I am very impressed with the progress of this sim. Its so good I decided to make a post so you guys dont overlook it.

I love the level of realism in AA, this thing is pure multiplayer goodness. Bunny hopping and rushing gets you dead. You really need to play a thinking mans game, the strategy aspect of it reminds me of a good game of chess.

The Sim is based on the latest Unreal engine. They also recieve frequent code updates from the UT team and incorporate them as they can. They have started integrating bump mapping and the use of shaders, although sparingly at this time. The upcoming 2.0 version brings higher system requirements and more graphic tweaks as well as Special Forces.

The dev's really love their work and it shows. They do everything they can to impliment teamwork, going as far as creating a CEM system (combat efficiency meter). Staying with your Fire Team leader provides you with higher CE in the form of increased accuracy, faster shot recovery, slower bleeding, etc.

Im running it on a 9800pro and I can tell you its flat out beautiful, especialy the new maps like radio tower. The game was pimped on Nvidia's site so Im sure it runs sweet on NV cards.

The sim also takes advantage of the NF2's sound storm in the form of hw accelerated Open Al audio in 5.1 surround. I love the sounds and the enviromental effects.

If you are into shooters like DoD, the Clancy games, etc I highly recommend you download AA today. Run and gun quakers might not like it though.

AA is so damm good its amazing its free. Treat yourself to some eye candy and great game play.

10-05-03, 04:18 PM
Only prob with AA is that I can't get into it, as I need full control with my M16A2....

(Full-time ARNG :cool: )

Red Dog
10-05-03, 05:12 PM
Well many maps have the m4 with optics and the upcoming 2.0 special forces release will have socom weapons mods.

It should rock.