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09-14-12, 06:00 AM

When the song ‚??Kung-Fu Fighting‚?? comes on, I can‚??t help but wonder to myself ‚??Was¬*everybody really kung-fu fighting? And even if ‚?? in that one shining, fast-as-lightning moment ‚?? they were, are they still? Or have they moved on with their lives, back to the hum-drum doldrums of day-to-day drudgery?‚?? It‚??s a sobering line of thought, to be sure. Now, though, there‚??s finally hope. NCSoft is offering everybody the chance to resume their dazzlingly graceful fisticuffs for the rest of eternity (or until it pulls the plug on servers, at least) with Blade & Soul (http://us.bladeandsoul.com/en/), its ‚??wildly successful¬*Asian martial arts fantasy MMO.‚?? How wild?¬*So wild.

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