View Full Version : Strangerā??s Wrath HD Released, Oddly Free Patch

09-14-12, 02:10 PM
Oddworld have announced (http://www.oddworld.com/2012/09/strangers-wrath-hd-released-for-pc/) that Strangerā??s Wrath HD has appeared on Steam. The tale of a mysterious, vaguely angry (yet loveable) bounty-hunter was already ported to PC in 2010, of course, but owners of that original release can now get the HD patch for free. The HD rebuild adds hi-res characters and environments to the game, but also reworks the controls and difficulty settings for PC. Iā??ve posted a trailer for this HD version below, so that you can sample some of the odd flavour of the shooter set in Oddworld. Odd. But good.
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