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09-14-12, 02:10 PM

If you remember Shank (http://www.shankgame.com/), you might also remember that he was less stealthy than Andre the Giant driving a monster truck across a minefield. Mark of the Ninja (http://www.markoftheninja.com/) shares a developer and has a similar graphical style, but it is all about stealth, at least when itā??s not about beetles swarming over and consuming people. That can probably be quite noisy. Already out on XBLA, Blue notes (http://www.bluesnews.com/s/135169/mark-of-the-ninja-coming-to-steam) that a Steam content description for Kleiā??s latest (http://marlamin.com/cdr/single.php?type=sub&id=214560) side-scrolling stab ā??em up has been spotted. Give the jollity thatā??s met the Xbox release, thatā??s reason for excitement. Given that I havenā??t played it, take this next bit with a sizeable pinch of salt. Itā??s 2D Arkham City. The trailer below is proof!

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