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09-18-12, 08:40 AM

Not because I‚??ve given it permission, mind you. No, no ‚?? I don‚??t possess that kind of power. I can, however, pave the way for the final domino in the¬*promotional procession ‚?? that most mighty of Silver Surfers: the launch trailer. Without it, the delicate videogame hype ecosystem would crumble, and we‚??d have no way of knowing that our games were coming out tomorrow, or a few days from now, or in, like, two months sometimes. It‚??d be total pandemonium. Countless lives would almost certainly be lost in the chaos. We¬*need¬*this structure, is what I‚??m saying. Launch trailers are¬*totally and completely¬*necessary. So here‚??s one for Borderlands 2 (http://www.borderlands2.com/). This one tosses wub-wubs and wimowehs in favor of in-your-face ‚??epic‚??-ness, but it‚??s still quite a sight.

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