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09-18-12, 10:30 AM

2012: most definitely the year that‚??s all about 30-something gamers having large numbers of their long-held, long-frustrated dreams and fancies fulfilled at last. All these genre and developer resurrections on Kickstarter, XCOM and Half-Life remade, and a bunch of other similar things I could probably put in comma-based list form if only I could concentrate for than twelve seconds. Latest on the neo-nostalgia train are the main brains behind Sierra‚??s adventure-RPG crossover Quest For Glory series (formerly Hero‚??s Quest, until Games Workshop did a spot of proto-Bumgardening), Cory and Lori Cole.

They‚??re working on a new game with a similar ethos ‚?? well, I say game, but proving that the 2012 apple doesn‚??t fall from the early-90s tree, they‚??ve declared Hero-U (http://www.hero-u.net/leaders/?p=6) will be a five-game series. Hero-U takes fantasy tropes to college, in a vaguely Potterish way, and promises us ‚??turn-based, tactical combat and dungeon exploration with rich character interactions, challenging puzzles, and an immersive story.‚??
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