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09-23-12, 12:20 PM
Hello youse.

Before this past couple of weeks, I had never played Netrunner. I had heard about it. Usually you‚??d hear about it whenever people were getting excited about some new card game. Someone would slide into the conversation and drop a little ‚??Mmm. Netrunner was the best, though‚?¶‚?? and slide away again. In truth, there was never much more discussion than that. ‚??Netrunner was better than Magic, to be honest.‚?? But that was it. It remained, to most, a mystery.

I think there was a little bit of ‚??gamer guilt‚?? attached to it. When you spoke to card gamers, you could tell that they felt bad that things didn‚??t work out for Netrunner. Magic is great and all (and let‚??s not let that go without being reinforced ‚?? Magic: The Gathering is an incredible design) but you could see in these card gamers‚?? eyes, these gamers who had been around at the time Netrunner briefly flashed across tables, that there was a sadness there. Something great had landed, but with all that tapping going on not enough people had noticed.

But now it‚??s back. It‚??s here. It‚??s now.
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