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09-25-12, 11:30 AM

I wasn‚??t even a twinkle in anyone‚??s eye (not sure I ever was to be honest) when Jeff McCord started work on Gammaquest II, the game that would become one of the first roguelikes, Sword of Fargoal. Flash forward from the non-twinkling eyes of my parents to the dark hollows around my own ocular cavities. I am tired, I am drifting above the ocean in a metal tube, I should be sleeping but instead my eyes are glued to a tiny screen. I tap it, it shrugs and my avatar dies again. It is 2012, I am flying to London from Vancouver, and I am playing Sword of Fargoal (http://www.fargoal.com/buy-now/fargoaliphone/) on a phone. It occupies me for the entire journey. Now there‚??s a Kickstarter for a much-expanded sequel (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fargoal/sword-of-fargoal-2-classic-dungeon-crawler-adventu/) on Mac, Windows and Linux as well as iOS.

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