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09-26-12, 10:25 AM

I would have asked this question on the NVIDIA developer forum but since it's still down maybe someone here can tell me something.

Does anybody know if there is already OpenCL 1.2 support in NVIDIAs driver? If not, is it coming soon?

According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_Nvidia_graphics_processing_units#GeF orce_600_Series there are already some GeForce cards that could support it.

It somewhat seems like NVIDIA does not mention OpenCL a whole lot anymore and just focuses on CUDA C/C++ (see http://www.streamcomputing.eu/blog/2012-09-10/nvidias-industry-leading-support-for-opencl/). I guess it makes sense to them but I would like to see some more OpenCL love.


10-28-12, 07:22 AM
During a CUDA 5 webinar I asked about OpenCL 1.2. Nvidia's reply was something like: "We have not made any announcement concerning OpenCL 1.2".

Maybe they will support OpenCL 1.2 one day maybe not...