View Full Version : Help with toshiba drivers / registry settings

10-10-03, 03:17 AM
Hi all...
I have this little problem.

with toshiba laptop (equiped with nvidia GF 4 card) i cannot select external monitor as "primary device".
This because in video control panel, i cannot click on the "select as primary device" flag.
Toshiba disable it via registry keys.

anybody knows what keys affect this?

or, alternatively, anyone have complete documentation about nvidia registry keys?

thanks in advance


10-11-03, 12:22 PM
You make it too simple! :-)

in a laptop there is Geforce Go series only that are not supported by nvidia official detonator.

I found a registry key called
"DualViewMobile" set to 1

i I set it to 0, standard dualview will bve used (in display properties you can see only one virtual monitor @2560x1024).
If set to 1 you can configure your monitor with different resolution (in display properties you can see Two real monitor )

driver version 3x.xx if I set Dialviewmobile" to 0 I can set external monitor as primary.

But the problem persist on 4x.xx driver.