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10-01-12, 08:40 AM

Hello. Hello you. Did you go to the Eurogamer Expo this weekend? Did you have fun? Because I couldnā??t go, so I couldnā??t have fun. My bitterness could destroy worlds. Fortunately, I can catch up with at least some of what I missed, as Eurogamer have posted videos of a great many of their developer sessions. Valve! Hitman! Molyneux! Tomb Raider! Assassinā??s Creed! DayZ! Remember Me! WARFACE. Iā??ve embedded those I am personally most interested in below, selfish twit that I am, but you can see the whole lot over here. (http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTZXfIDHhP2soHr6PO3zd-XTDxw8_wVrc&feature=plcp)

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