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10-01-12, 11:00 AM

On the rare occasions that I play a racing game I often think ‚??you know what this needs? A boss battle or two.‚?? A Formula One game in which, suddenly, everybody else has a monster truck and their sole desire is to squash you. A street racing game with a tank or two blowing the roads and buildings to bits. A Nascar game with a track that occsionally bends to the right. Well, upcoming rally game WRC 3 (http://www.wrcthegame.com/) actually has boss battles. Really! It says so in this press release: ‚??the Boss Battle ‚?? in total 7 ‚?? will try the players abilities through a special head to head mode. They will have the chance to race against the boss driver of the track trying to reach the first position.‚?? Below, a video that explains nothing.

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