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10-02-12, 04:40 PM

Last week, you (probably, I hope; otherwise we can‚??t be friends anymore) read my impressions of The Banner Saga: Factions (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/09/28/impressions-the-banner-sagas-f2p-multiplayer/), the soon-to-be-released F2P multiplayer spin-off of Stoic‚??s gorgeously animated Viking strategy epic. Those are some of my favorite adjectives stacked together into a¬*scrumptious¬*sentence sandwich, so I came away predictably pleased. But after finishing my session and quaffing a hearty Viking ale grilled cheese from a towering flagon paper plate, I had questions. For instance, how do microtransactions work? How will multiplayer tie into the multi-part single-player storyline? How will Stoic balance all of that? What‚??s the deal with, er, the banners? Then we huddled around a centuries-old storytelling flame desk lamp, and Stoic told me a tale for the ages.

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