View Full Version : Would Like to Remove Detonator Drivers

10-10-03, 11:05 PM
I "upgraded" to 45.23 and have had nothing but trouble ever since. I tried uninstalling the drivers, but something was left because the older drivers "sensed" the presence of the newer drivers and gave me a warning.

Even when I installed the older drivers, it didn't fix the problems I'm experiencing (anistropic filter problems that cause flickering). I don't know if this is related to the flickering problem with the FX cards because mine is a GeForce3 and it seems mostly to hate Enemy Territory when I turn the anistropic filtering up to 4X.

How can I manually remove every trace of the drivers? The utilities and instructions I've found on this site don't take into account the fact that Windows XP Pro has its own set of GeForce drivers and will install them when you remove the other drivers.

Can someone give me a complete guide on how to do this? I'd like to see if it fixes the problem.

10-10-03, 11:48 PM
Goto www.driverheaven.net and download their "Driver Cleaner" and it should fix all your woes....but please don't tell them I sent you. ;)