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10-04-12, 08:10 AM

How did we miss this? Talisman is going to be a PC game (http://www.talisman-game.com)! The looting and levelling fantasy RPG was the first boardgame I owned that you‚??d never find in a hotel lobby on a rainy day. Cluedo, Monopoly, Mousetrap, Ghost Castle ‚?? those had been my initiation into the cardboard arts. I can‚??t remember how Talisman came into my possession, I was too young to have money of my own, but I do remember it was like someone had taken a Fighting Fantasy book, liberated it from the page and made it even more tangible. Well, soon it‚??ll be even less tangible. After development of a 2008 version ‚??misfired‚??, the rights to the title reverted to Games Workshop and they have commissioned Nomad Games (http://www.nomadgames.co.uk/) to computerise the quest.

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