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10-04-12, 11:50 AM

Did you read Jim‚??s thoughts (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/10/02/wot-i-think-carrier-command-gaea-mission/) on Carrier Command: Gaea Mission (http://www.carriercommand.com/)? If not, go and read them now. I‚??ll wait. If it takes longer than ten minutes, I‚??ll just assume you accidentally fell into the comments and read them as well. Ooookay. Everyone back? Good. Some of you might be thinking that Carrier Command sounds like a game you‚??d like to play but with a whole lot of issues you‚??re not sure you can tolerate. Well, lo and behold, a demo (http://www.carriercommand.com/2012/10/demo-for-windows-pc/) has been released. It features ‚??two demo-exclusive assaults on the Thermopylae and Granite islands‚??. Maybe that will help.

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