View Full Version : Laser strikes against airplanes now an "epidemic," says FBI

10-05-12, 04:10 PM
Hunting the source of a laser strike. (http://arstechnica.com/) You may not be the kind of person who gets his kicks by standing at the end of a runway and firing a small laser into the ****pit of jets during their takeoffs and landingsā??but plenty of other people are. In 2005, the FBI only heard about 283 such incidents; this year, it expects to record 3,700.

In an official blog post (http://www.fbi.gov/news/news_blog) about the topic, the FBI quotes federal air marshal George Johnson saying that the laser attacks have reached an "epidemic level." Things have gotten so bad that the FBI has created a special group to address the issue, one with the unwieldy name "Laser Strike Working Group National Initiative" (which could use a laser strike of its own).

In its blog post, the FBI quotes Captain Robert Hamilton of the Air Line Pilots Association, who describes what it's like to take a direct ****pit hit from a laser beam. "I had temporary blindness. My eyes were burning. It caused disorientation, and it was distracting," he said.

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