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10-07-12, 07:40 AM
Sundays are for driving along the motorway, humming the theme tune to Quantum Leap. Perhaps when you reach your destination you might end up reading some words gathered from the Internet. But perhaps not.

Sinister Design on RPG character creation (http://sinisterdesign.net/?p=1747): ‚??To analogize: class-based character creation is the Apple of character creation systems, founded upon the use of a few pre-built constructs that share the same core components and come in a limited variety of flavors. By contrast, skills-based systems are the PCs of the character creation universe, cobbled together from a dizzying array of components that can combine in interesting (though sometimes deeply flawed and incongruous) ways.‚?? (more‚?¶) (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/10/07/the-sunday-papers-237/#more-126906)

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