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10-08-12, 06:00 AM

Games have taught me quite a lot about cooking and running a restaurant, mostly that it‚??s all about time management. It‚??s absolutely fine to rush from cleaning a blocked toilet to kneading burger meat into a patty as long as it‚??s all done efficiently. Cook, Serve, Delicious (http://www.vertigogaming.net/blog/?portfolio=cook-serve-delicious) (!) has an admirable name. I expected another verb at the end, making a full sequence of actions, but why say ‚??eat‚?? when you can shout ‚??delicious‚??? The game is from the makers of The Oil Blue (http://www.vertigogaming.net/blog/?portfolio=the-oil-blue) and contains a basic management metagame wrapped around a core of juggling orders, preparing and purchasing ingredients, and trying not to become overwhelmed by gluttonous demands. There‚??s a demo (http://www.vertigogaming.net/_files/CSDdemo1_05.exe) and even a freeware game of old (http://www.vertigogaming.net/blog/?portfolio=ore-no-ryomi-1-2) that this appears to be based on.

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