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10-08-12, 09:50 AM

Oh dear, it turns out it‚??s a first-person shooter with quick-time events and checkpoints after all. Move along, nothing to see here.

No, no, rest assured Firaxis‚?? XCOM: Enemy Unknown (http://www.xcom.com/enemyunknown/entry) is, like its 1993 predecessor X-COM: UFO Defense aka UFO: Enemy Unknown, a rich brew of turn-based strategy, base management, a sort of roleplaying and the sudden, frequent, horrible death of people you‚??ve developed an unhealthy fixation with, as you and your changing squad of soldiers struggle to save the Earth from alien invasion. This remake, until fairly recently, seemed like an impossibility ‚?? large publishers had lost faith that big-budget strategy games could pay for their yachts, iPads and watches heavy enough to beat a donkey to death with, and the X-COM name was sullied by spin-offs that had about as much in common with it as Hulk Hogan has with Stephen Hawking. X-COM was over, surely.

X-COM is back. I‚??ve waited 15 years for this, and now I can wait no more. Here‚??s what I think. (Note ‚?? this write-up covers singleplayer only. Thoughts on multiplayer will follow at a later date).
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