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10-08-12, 01:20 PM

There‚??s going to be a backlash against Dishonored. It can‚??t be helped: when a game makes big promises, a justice squad will quickly arise to loudly demand that it accounts for not meeting them to the very letter, and in this case I suspect there‚??s an additional flock of people who have been led by marketing to expect an all-out action game. I can predict, even sympathise with, some of the complaints, others I suspect will be absolutely mystifying to me. It‚??s the finest hour in what we might loosely but innacurately term ‚??blockbuster shooters‚?? in years ‚?? I‚??d feel petulant were I to demand it give me even more. But there is one complaint that may reach a crescendo in short order, and that is the issue of length. For me, Dishonored was a deliciously long game, clocking in at about 25 hours even without the total replay I intend on having very soon. For someone else ‚?? someone who has a lot of numbers in the name they use when playing Halo 4, say ‚?? it will be insultingly short. It may not even make a double figures quantity of hours. That‚??s not the game‚??s fault, it‚??s theirs. They gobbled the onion up whole, too greedy or too lazy to peel apart its layers.

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