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10-08-12, 01:20 PM

John mostly didn‚??t like (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/tag/Edna-and-Harvey:-The-Breakout/) one of the earlier Edna & Harvey point and click adventure games very much, but then other things John doesn‚??t like include Bath Spa‚??s loveliest cinema, dancing and -REDACTED- so what does he know? (Quite a lot when it comes to adventure games, actually). He saw some promise though, and perhaps that will be the case in this new Edna & Harvey game, and though I can tell you absolutely nothing of use about it I want to post about it purely because the subtitle HARVEY‚??S NEW EYES made me giggle for reasons I don‚??t entirely understand. Also, a local brewery is called Harvey‚??s, and for a moment I thought I was getting a press release about a new ale called Eyes. I would totally drink Eyes. I would also totally love it if breweries sent me ales to review. I‚??ll find an excuse to do it on RPS, I swear it!
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